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Barcode Label Maker

   The iBarcoder has an advanced label maker component. It contains hundreds of predefined label formats from Avery media manufacturer, and also custom label formats support.

1. Using built-in label formats.

To use predefined formats, choose one of them from the Label Formats List on the left of the iBarcoder window. The label formats preview below the list immediately reflects the selected label format layout on a page.

If you need more control on printing labels, you can use Command click on a label in the Label Format Preview to exclude a particular label from printing order. When you click on a label (image below) it becomes gray

This can be helpful if you need to start printing from particular label on a label sheet.

Barcode label maker printing labels

Barcode generator setup custom lable

2. Creating custom label formats.

In addition to a large list of the predefined label formats, the barcode label maker allows creating custom label formats. This can be done in two ways.

iBarcoder custom label list

   a) by cloning the existing label format. For doing this, just double click on the predefined format you are going to modify and make the desired changes in the Edit format panel, and confirm your changes. The formats list switches to the custom tab, and the format you’ve just edited appears in the list with the ‘_custom’ suffix.

Barcode producer custom label format

   b) to create a custom format from scratch. To create a format, click on the ‘+’ button, and the New Label Format panel will appear. You should enter the desired values, add the unique format name, and click OK.

3. Adding objects to your labels.

You can add barcode, text, graphics (rectangles, ovals, lines) and image objects to your label. The correspondent creation tools are on the top of the iBarcoder window in the toolbar area.

To add an object, click on the desired tool, then move the pointer to the location where you want one corner (or end of a line) of the object be positioned, then click and drag (for rectangles, ovals, and lines) to the location where you want the opposite corner to be placed, then release. The newly created object appears with handles indicating that it is active.

iBarcoder application toolbar

Using the iBarcoder label maker capabilities you can create complex labels. Making one or more barcode and text object on such a label sequential, print your label, or export them for further use in external graphic editor applications.

Barcode software complex label document

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