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Frequently Asked Questions

Please, just how to begin with iBarcoder?


I have some Code128 to do and I don't know how to begin with iBarcoder. I create a new Format A4, with 2 columns and 5 rows and try to fill up with a text file with 10 numbers!


1. Add barcode object to your label. For this click on the barcode icon on the toolbar, then to your label.
2. Change the barcode type to Code 128 in the Barcode Information panel
3. Switch to the Sequence Properties tab in the Barcode Information panel, and select Serialize check box.
4. Switch to the File tab, then click Browse, and navigate to your file with the 10 numbers.
5. Print your barcoded labels.

How to make ISBN-13 barcode correctly?


When I generate an ISBN-13 barcode in the demo version of ibarcoder the price code is not accurate. The price code is supposed to begin with a 5 and it doesn't. For instance code 978-0-06-198570-6 with a price of 13.99 ends up with as below. The price code is 61399 but it should be 51399.


Please do not add the check digit (last 6) to the code data, it is calculated automatically. Also, add the full price add-on 51399 instead of just 1399.

how to generate an ISBN-13 with mac barcode generator

UPC-A barcode troubles?


As far as I can tell UPC A is supposed to use 12 characters but your software is looking for 11, 13, or 16.


Users should enter 11, 13, or 16. digits. The extra digit is the check code that the product calculates and adds automatically. So you get 12, 14 or 17 digits code.

EAN13 barcodes are incorrect, have extra digits?


Hi guys, Have downloaded the demo version for now, got to say I so far am impressed with the product.... The problem is that when inputting my code into iBarcoder using just EAN13 my barcodes are incorrect, have extra digits.


The extra digit is the check code that the product calculates and adds automatically. Please make sure that you EAN 13 data contains 12, 14, or 17 digits.

Save the QR Code in a vector format?


Does your software allow me to save the QR Code in a vector format?


Yes, you can export QR Codes in pdf and eps file formats.

save qrcode as vestor graphic in Brcode label maker

How to print more then 1 page at the time?


I can print out 1 page at the time. But I want to print out 1'200 barcodes on 100 pages without having to manually intervene.


You should set the Labels From: and To: fields in the Print dialog box.

How to find Avery label in your format list?


I am trying to make a barcode to fit on Avery 5195. I cannot find the label in the listing. Do you have the parameters or a workaround?


Please use the custom format feature:
1. Switch to Custom tab in the label formats list, and click the New Format button,
2. Fill the information to the format dialog box, identical to that on the image below, and click OK,

How to find Avery label in your list? | iBarcoder

3. Select the format in the custom formats list.

How to generate mac QR Code for url ...?


How to generate mac QR Code for url, phone, youtube, and email?


In addition to encoding sms messages shown above, there are other useful QR Code templates:
URL - http://www.sitename.com
EMail - mailto:name@sitename.com
Phone - tel:phone_number
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Video_Id"

How to generate qr code for sms, url, phone, youtube, and email

How do I import .vcf data?


How do I import .vcf data into the program to create a QR Code?


You should import the .vcf file to the Address Book, or create a new contact with the desired data. The iBarcoder will read the data from Address Book then.

import .vcf data in iBrcoder for making bar code

How to make sequential barcodes?


How to create sequential barcodes and sequential text objects?


To set the text file to be the source of the text in the rectangular object, place the rectangular object first, then create the text (.txt) file with data:

How to use text file as source in Brcode producer | iBarcoder

Add the text file url to the Text Properties tab of the Object Information dialog box, and the first string of data will appear in the object.

How to get data from text file in iBarcoder

You can also add a QR Code barcode,

Create sequential barcodes in mac barcode generator

and set the QR Code data file as the barcode sequential data. Please note that QR Codes requires two line feeds between barcode data blocks, because one line feed can be encoded into the QRCode.

How to make sequential barcodesa in iBrcoder

Barcode data text file for other barcode types should contain one line feed between data strings.
When you print your label, you will get sequenatial barcodes with sequential file data objects:

Create sequential barcodes in mac barcode software.

How to use Carriage Return in Code128?


How to add a Carriage Return to Code128?


If we look at the Code 128 encoding table

import .vcf data in iBrcoder

we will see that the 'CR' symbol in Code 128 A is equivalent to human readable character 'm' . So, to add a Carriage Return to Code128 A you just need to add 'm' character to the barcode data string:

How to import .vcf data in Brcode producer application

Which types of barcode are available in iBarcoder?


How much barcode symbologies are available?


Our barcode generator application supports the following barcode symbologies:

  1. Postnet
  3. Japanpost customer barcode
  4. FIM Codes (3 types)
  5. Horizontal bars
  6. UPC barcode
    1. UPC A (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
    2. UPC E (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
  7. EAN barcode
    1. EAN 13 (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
    2. EAN 8 (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
  8. ISBN barcode
    1. ISBN-13
    2. ISBN-10
    3. ISBN (2 digit supplements allowed)
    4. ISBN (5 digit supplements allowed)
  9. ISMN
  10. ISSN (2 or 5 digit barcode supplements allowed)
  11. Code 128
    1. Code 128
    2. Code 128 A
    3. Code 128 B
    4. Code 128 C
  12. Codabar
  13. ITF14
  14. Code 39
  15. Code 11
  16. Code 93
  17. MSI barcode
  18. Interleaved 2 of 5
  19. Datamatrix
  20. Intelligent Mail Barcode
  21. Pharmacode
  22. QR Code
  23. Micro QR code
  24. GS1-128
  25. SSCC-18
  26. GTIN-14
  27. GS1-Databar
  28. GS1-Databar Stacked
  29. GS1-Databar Stacked Omnidirectional
  30. GS1-Databar Limited
  31. GS1-Databar Expanded