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Sequential Barcode Feature

    The advanced Sequential Barcode functionality defines the sequence in which barcode or text objects are printed or exported. You can create sequences in two modes.

    When using Counter sequences, the iBarcoder creates the next data string automatically, constructing it from user defined prefix, starting number and postfix parts, and the increment value. In the File mode a user needs to browse to a file that contains a set of data strings.

1. Switch to the Sequence Properties tab on the right of the iBarcoder window.

    This can be either a text (.txt) file, or an Excel Workbook (.xlsx) file.Lets create Sequential Barcodes from Excel Workbook (.xlsx) file datasource.

Barcode maker sequential barcode panel

iBarcoder sequential barcode panel screenshot

2. Check on the Serialize button, switch to File tab, and click the Browse… button to navigate to the Excel Workbook file that contains your sequential barcode data. Click on the Options button in the Open File Panel to show the Sheet and Column controls, make the settings, then click the Open button.

The sequential barcode data is taken from the selected Sheet and Column of the Excel Workbook file, and set to the selected object. The Sequence Properties panel changes to display this setting.

What is sequence properties panel in barcode label maker application for mac?

3. Print your labels using the File > Print menu option. The number of the labels is automatically set to the number of the data strings in the selected column of the Excel file datasource. You can modify it by switching to the iBarcoder tab of the Print panel, and setting the Labels option to use the ‘From:’ and ‘To:’ values.

How to print sequential barcodes from barcode producer?

In case of Exporting sequential barcodes, use the correspondent
File > Export Sequential Barcodes… menu option. The titles of the exported files will consist of the prefix, and the index of current file. Alternativaly, you can set the iBarcoder to use the barcode data string as exported barcode file name using the ‘Use barcode data string as exported file name’ from iBarcoder > Preferences…

iBarcoder export sequential barcodes screenshot

iBarcoder export sequential barcodes in barcode generation process.

or Export sequential barcodes using the correspondent
File > Export Sequential Barcodes… menu option.

Do not forget the click on the Option button to be able to set the image file format, and file names pattern. The simple text (.txt) files data sources can be used the same way.